Check the following if you are having trouble sending a fax. If problems persist, please raise a support ticket at

Did you receive an error report email from Preemptive?

The service will send you an error report if something goes wrong with the transmission of a fax. In that report, there will be a status code. Use the table below to understand what’s happened:

SENTFax was successfully sent.
BUSYLine gave busy signal with all retries. The receiving fax machine was busy.
Phone keeps ringing. Nobody answers. If you are sure that the number is correct, please contact the recipient. There may be a problem with their fax machine (e.g. out of paper).
INDVThe number is not a valid number. Please check the number and dial again.
NOLNProblem with phone line. Please check line.
BARRWrong number (number changed, call barred).
Number opted out.
Service or Function not supported by network or user.
COLLAt the moment we started trying to send a fax a call came in.
ERRProcedural or unknown error.
FAILDocument conversion failed. Please resubmit your document.
NOFXNo fax machine detected. Please check the number and try again.
No confirmation received after last page transmitted. The fax may have been received by the recipient and the machine failed to confirm.
Bad connection or fax modem error at receiving end.
Call disconnected by the network or remote user (reason unspecified).
Latest Delivery timeout expired.

Make sure you are sending to the correct address.

The email address is in the format of: <fax number>@fax.domain. The fax number MUST include the area code, for example, 0262999062. The destination domain will depend on your organisation, that said, most organisations use a domain format of fax.organisation-domain. For example at Preemptive, we use

Now when you combine these two bits of information, we get an email address of

Additionally, when you address the email, only use the To field. Don’t fax using a cc or bcc field.

Check to make sure the number you are sending to is in service.

The easiest way to do this is to ring the destination fax number and listen for fax tones. If you get a voice answer, you’ll need to contact the organisation for an alternate number.

Check the attachment type

The Preemptive Cloud Fax service supports the following attachment types:

  • Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) 
  • Microsoft Word (.DOC/.DOCX) 
  • Microsoft Excel (.XLS/.XLXS) 
  • Microsoft Powerpoint (.PPT/.PPTX) 
  • Text (.TXT) 
  • Jpeg (.JPG) 
  • Fax Tiff (.TIF)

Check the attachment size

The combined attachment size for any single fax email must not exceed 30MB

Customer reports they are only receiving part of the fax - pages are missing or the pages are garbled.

This type of error is typically due to a quality of service issue with the customer's telephone network provider. There can also be issues when dealing with some newer NBN devices. If this occurs, please open a support ticket at, detail the issue you’re experiencing and make sure you give us the fax number you’re trying to send to.